Aside from being eco-friendly, installing solar panels can save you money in the long run. Its low maintenance cost and is a renewable energy source add up to its advantage.

Lessen your impact on the environment

Depending on where you live, the electricity you use likely comes from coal, natural gas, nuclear, and renewable sources. With solar, you can control where your electricity comes from. When you switch to solar energy, you lessen your carbon footprint and other harmful environmental effects.

Keep yourself safe from soaring electricity costs

Electricity rates continuously increase over time — and your budget has no escape from this. If you switch to using solar energy, the cost of the energy generated by your solar systems will never go up, and you can save more in the future. Investing in solar will protect you from any increases in the cost of electricity down the road.

Maximize your property's worth

Adding solar panels to your roof is like adding a new room to your house. Solar-powered homes have been shown to demand a higher selling price and sell more quickly than conventional homes.

Prepare your house for power failures

While solar system on their own are unnecessary during a power interruption, when coupled with a Powerwall, they can be recharged using sunlight to keep appliances running even when the power goes out. Our solar system was created to work efficiently with photovoltaic panels, storing energy during the day to be used later or during blackouts when the grid is down.